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RealATC for flight simulators is the ultimate in background ambiance to entertain you and enlighten you while your flights progress. Recorded over a period of several years the  RealATC product consists of a minimum of 3100 sound bytes between pilots and controllers. Some have been recorded in the cockpits of real flights, one a 777 flight from Munich to Miami, another in an IFR flight in a Piper Cherokee and 3 real flights recorded in Europe to Nice, Vienna and Malaga.. All have been edited to make them as generic as possible so that they will sound right as you fly to your favorite destinations. You will hear literally hundreds of voices including the Bud one airship, a cool reference to an American president, a NASA flight, a genuine emergency and dozens of situations you never thought you'd hear. Your flights will never sound the same again and no two flights can ever sound the same. I guarantee it!

There are only four programs that effectively replace the default air traffic control that ships with Microsoft Flight Simulator X,  Radar Contact, Pro-ATC/X, Pilot2ATC  and ProFlightEmulator 3 (PF3). In three of the four programs, the developers included, in their infinite wisdom, a sampling of or the ability to add real pilot to controller sound bytes. The RealATC product greatly extends what they have started. Radar Contact is currently not in continued development and has not been for several years now, while Pro-ATC-X  is the latest but seems to have stalled over the past year. Pilot2ATC is under continued developemnt as of this writing.The RealATC product greatly extends what they have done and is applicable, with an included third party external program (Enviro 3.2) , to EVERY FLIGHT SIMULATOR, OLD AND NEW!!  And of course VATSIM offers still another choice as does  VOXATC and IVAO. And there is always with its limitations.

At the moment - in the developers humble opinion - the very best of all these is PRO-ATC/X latest version released October 2015 - don't pass this one up!

And very important,  I realize as you do,  that you've paid enough for your simulators, and even more for Radar Contact or PRO-ATC/x so this add-on is priced right. I think you will agree. Pricing and the opportunity to purchase are on the individual pages.

So here is a free gift for everyone. One of the real flights that captured the ATC for me was a 777 flight from Munich to Miami. So from Shannon to Gander as we crossed the atlantic we captured some very unique and different soundbytes. These files don't really work with the general RealATC concept. Here they are for you: Oceanic

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RealATC Files for Pointsoft's PRO-ATC/X program from the Ultimate RealATC Collection.

As reviewed on Avsim, PRO-ATC/X is the first program in many years that has very effectively replaced the stock air traffic control mechanism for Microsoft Flight Simulator X. I won't repeat the review here but here is the link should you want to review it again

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As the producer and owner of the largest RealATC file set available from one place, I was so impressed  with the PRO-ATC/X program that I was committed to doing an entire file re-edit of the collection to extract the best of the RealATC files for PRO-ATC/X, eliminate some obvious file placement errors ( some of my favorite files captured for the Collection are placed in places they should not be, simply because I liked hearing them more often then only very occasionally), and to place only the ATC files of the 5 flights recorded in the cockpit into their appropriate real world sectors. I achieved most of what i wanted in this special edit and I'm sure that you will be pleased with the final product.

All files fully tested with the new release of PRO-ATC/C V  released on 27 November 2016.

 Please click HERE for more information about the Special Edit for PRO-ATC/X.




  • 2 Way Voice Communication with ATC
  • AI Traffic Viewing and Alerts
  • Flight Planning and Tracking
  • Create VFR and IFR Flight Plans on Map
  • Import and Export X-Plane and FSX/P3D Flight Plans
  • Moving Maps and Satellite Views
  • Moving Sectional Chart (USA)
  • Airport Diagrams and Approach Plates (USA)
  • Nav and Com Radio Control
  • Intelligent Frequency Finder
  • Auto Pilot

V 2.0 was released on 20 February 2016 - sort of an open Beta and the developer is working hard to make this the best it can be.

Ready Now!- a selected RealATC file set for P2ATC.

This software could become the cadillac of ATC programs for FSX, P3D and X-Plane - it works with all 3.

Special Note: Microphone
Don’t even try to start Pilot2ATC without a Windows Recording device installed. It will come up, but you will not be able to connect to the SIM without it and will get error messages. The microphone must be set as the Default Recording Device in Windows Sound Settings.

More information about RealATC for P2ATC can be obtained by clicking here





Just released in February 2016 by OnCourse Software and vetern master ATC programmer Dave March is PF3. This may be the very best ever ATC program for use with all three - Fs2004, FSX and P3D but it does lack in some advanced features.. I have found that my RealATC files play just fine along side this program using the Enviro32 utility. A wonderful immersive combination. There is a free demo available so it is worth checking out. Please click here for more information. I have not been sucessful in using this ATC program with a PMDG aircraft.


THE ULTIMATE REALATC COLLECTION- RealATC Chatter Files for Radar Contact and Enviro3.2

The original collection was written specifically for the very popular Radar Contact product, to take what the developers started with the ambient background chatter and add to it in a very big way. The product also includes the same file set rearranged and includes a separate stand alone player that will allow the RealATC sounds to play with virtually every flight simulator out there. No special installation is required, just drag and drop into Radar Contact or the proper directory of the stand alone player. We do not touch your registry or modify any simulator files. Please click here for more information




Enviro 3.2 is a stand alone program with incredible control that runs along side of, and completely independent  of any other programs,  that will allow the alternative file set that ships with the ULTIMATE REALATC COLLECTION and the Special Edit for PRO-ATC/X to play along side of ANY flight simulator.

Please click here for more information on Enviro 32.


Thanks for looking!

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