Enviro! is a  utility with a small footprint that you can use with your favorite flight simulators. Enviro! is able to enhance your flying experience by allowing you to play Air Traffic Control (ATC), Checklists and other sounds during your flight. Also, you can have Enviro! download the latest METAR (weather) data from the internet and use it in your sim, if it supports the import of such data. This utility has been abandoned by the authors and therefore is available with the Ultimate RealATC Collection.

Using ATC sounds is really easy and can be fully customized. Enviro! is able to play windows wave files that exist on one or more of your computer's hard disks. You can use multiple folders (which Enviro! calls Banks), and easily switch between them - also while you're actually flying in your flight simulator. For example, you could create a Bank that contains only wave files that are about taxiiing around an airport, and one that contains in-flight chatter sounds. From within the Enviro! user interface, or while actually in-flight in your flight simulator, you could then switch between these ATC Banks by pressing simple hot keys.

Enviro! can play your ATC sounds in a random way, making sure you're not hearing the same sounds multiple times in a short period of time. As already mentioned, you can fully configure the way Enviro! plays your sounds. You can specify a delay that should appear between the samples, alter the sound volume, and switch Banks. You can temporarily disable certain wave files if you don't wish to use them at certain moments.

If you desire, you can also play sounds in a forced way. This means you set the order in which the wave files are to be played. For all of your wave files individually, you can also (if desired) force a specific delay to use (this delay indicates how long it should take before the next scheduled wave file is played).

For even more control, you can also use Enviro!'s Checklist Play, which allows you to play your wave files in a directed way. It is ideal for playing your checklists at a pace you want to control during your flight. You can now precisely control when to play wave files. Also, you can decide to hear a specific wave file again, or move back or forward in the list of wave files. All of this can be done in-flight using responsive hot keys.

It is easy to maintain the contents of your Banks. You can easily delete wave files from Banks or add new ones that you have stored on your computer. With easy to use buttons you can define the order in which the wave files are to be played.

For even more ATC and other sounds, you can use the Recording Area to record your own wave files. This is very useful for creating checklists. For example, you can create a checklist for starting your Cessna 172. Using checklists can make your simming life much easier especially when flying a complicated aircraft.

If you have a flight simulator that supports the import of METAR data, you will find Enviro!'s METAR download convenient. You can download the latest weather data fast, and even have Enviro! automatically launch a dedicated METAR utility (InfoMETAR or ThinMetar) that will load, show and/or manipulate this downloaded METAR data - if you so desire.

You can browse time zone information, and see your current IP address (which is handy for when you are flying online). Also, you can activate the Windows yoke/joystick calibration screen from within Enviro!.

Enviro! was designed to be easy to use. The user interface is simple yet contains a wealth of options. You can use Enviro! through the normal user interface but also using Enviro!'s system tray menu that appears in Windows' system tray. Finally, you can use certain hot keys that have Enviro! perform specific actions.

The Ultimate RealATC Collection is all ready for Enviro! when downloaded. You'll learn a lot along the way and be entertained in-flight! And it works with ALL simulators as a stand alone and all Windows OS up to Windows 7 both 32 bit and 64bit compatible. On a Windows 7 platform it should be installed as an administrator and in your Program Files (x86) directory.

Original documentation has been edited for this page.

The RealATC files as furnished will play with almost any multimedia or sound player - over the years, Enviro32! has simply been the best for all flight simulators that Radar Contact or PRO-ATC/X were not designeed for.

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